They alert about a malicious clone of the Ticket application that seeks to defraud users

Havana Cuba. — The popular Cuban platform Ticket, used by thousands of users to organize virtual queues for services of all kinds, has issued a warning on its official website Facebook about a malicious clone that seeks to deceive and scam users.

Under the name of “Ticket Premium”, this fake application pretends to be the original version and charges in US dollars, putting users’ security and pocket at risk.

“We warned you of the existence of an application called ‘Ticket Premium’. We clarify that it is not a version of ours, but rather that they have maliciously used the official image to defraud people”, warn the developers of Ticket, the state application for queues designed by the Cuban company XETID.

And they add: “Ticket Premium will ask you to make payments in USD, we warn you that it is a scam. Stay tuned and informed through our official channels.”

They alert about a malicious clone of the Ticket application that seeks to defraud users
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To avoid being deceived, you only have to download the “Ticket” application from the Official siteIn addition, it is recommended to carefully verify the authenticity of the app before providing any personal information or making payments, if you are not sure where it came from, it is better to reinstall from scratch.

One of the red flags that users should be aware of is the request for payments in US dollars. The legitimate version of Ticket operates with the local currency, so any request to pay in another currency should raise suspicion. The scammers behind “Ticket Premium” seek to take advantage of users’ need for desired services and, through deceptive tactics, charge amounts in a foreign currency that users may be unthinkingly willing to pay.

Ticket has become a widely used tool in Cuba, allowing users to make reservations and obtain virtual appointments for a variety of services in the fight against choleros and the agglutination of people in the same place. Ticket manages everything from government procedures to buying dollars at Exchange Houses (CADECA).

On this occasion, users took advantage of the alert to express their disagreement with how Ticket works. It is presenting problems to collect subscriptions, users have reported repeated payments and still cannot use the application, according to Ticket’s own Facebook page “there have been difficulties in recognizing the payment of subscriptions.”

The Cuban platform charges 50 CUP for three months of use, however, there are queues that last longer, such as the Cuban Exchange Houses (CADECA), which forces you to buy another package to stay in the queue. It should be noted that the maximum currency purchase allowed by the CADECAS is 100 USD.

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