Colodro’s signature on the bills does not match that of the "posthumous letter"says family lawyer

May 30, 2023, 1:58 PM

May 30, 2023, 1:58 PM

The signature stamped on a posthumous letter, presumably written by the late Banco Fassil controller, Carlos Alberto Colodro López, generates controversy. According to lawyers for Colodro’s family, this signature does not match the signature found on banknotes issued by the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) nor with the documents of the Financial System Authority (ASFI). These elements, among others, have led them to rule out the possibility of suicide.

“On the bills you can see Colodro’s signature, since he was at that time the general manager of the Central Bank and clearly does not resemble the letter (posthumous) at all presented by the minister (Eduardo del Castillo)”, observed the lawyer José Islas in contact with EL DEBER.

ASFI document / Posthumous letter.

According to Islas, who is part of the legal team that represents Colodro’s family, this supports the hypothesis that the death of the inspector this is not a suicide casebut of a “murder with previous torture”.

In addition, the lawyer rejected the results of the expert opinion carried out by the Institute of Scientific Technical Investigations of the Police University (Iitcup), which establishes that the handwriting of the posthumous letter coincides with that of Colodro. According to Islands, this study lacks legality due to the lack of notification to all procedural subjects.

“That study is flawed, it has been done in four walls and in the dark, and they are already considering the case resolved, saying that it was a suicide based on the evidence they have, but it is illegal because we have not put our graphological experts on it,” said Islas.

Comparison of Colodro signatures
Colodro’s signature on the new Bs 20 bills.

The lawyer affirmed that the family rejected from the beginning that the letter had been written by the auditor. Some of the elements that support this theory are the lack of coincidence in the font, the signature and the way of writing, in addition to the fact that he is wrong about his age and only mentions one of his three children.

However, they do not rule out the possibility that Colodro was forced to write and sign the letter to simulate suicide. If so, the lawyers consider that the letter may contain hidden messages.

“In case it was written by him, it says at the beginning ‘I was killed’. That is, he is blaming someone, but in the same cut he does not say who. That doesn’t make sense because if I’m trying to blame someone after my death, I’m not going to let him loose and the letter doesn’t leave any reference,” Islas said.

Comparison of Colodro signatures
Comparison of Colodro signatures

The letter that Colodro allegedly left before jumping from the 15th floor of the Ambassador building on Saturday night is made up of two sheets. “They deceived me, they turned their backs on me, they killed me”start writing.

“I’m so sorry to leave them… it costs me a lot, but I believe that the decision made is God’s will for me”, reads the first paragraph of the second page. Later, the letter refers to “my three beautiful children”, “my parents” and “my partner who was through thick and thin with me.”

The existence of this letter was announced on Sunday by the Minister of Government, Eduardo Del Castillo. According to Islas, this generates “more doubts than certainties”since they do not understand how the letter reached the hands of a minister of the Executive instead of the investigative prosecutor assigned to the case.

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