Fight fire in La Vega parish house in Caracas

The Fire Department of the Government of the Capital District is working in the extinction of a fire that occurred this Tuesday in a three-story house in the La Vega parish, in Caracas.

According to a message posted by the Government of Caracas In his account on the social network Twitter, the fire occurred in a three-story house located on Zulia de La Vega street.

“Effectives of the @bomberos_dc Corps together with @PCCAPITAL are working to extinguish the flames of the fire that is generated in a three-story house, located on Zulia de la Pquia street. La Vega”, the Government of Caracas published on Twitter.

Until now it was known that the flames were produced by an explosion of a 10-kilogram LPG cylinder.

To the work carried out by the members of the Firefighters of the Capital District, the support of Civil Protection was added.

No victims to mourn for fire in La Vega

So far, the authorities do not report any victims or injuries to regret.

“Personnel of the Corps of @bomberos_dc They manage to put out the flames of the fire that broke out in P/La Vega, Zulia street, with no victims to regret,” the Fire Department said on Twitter.

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