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The US exported 31,212 tons of chicken to Cuba last February

Madrid Spain.- The monthly tons of chicken meat imported into Cuba from the United States reached 31,212 tons in February 2022.

According to Cuban economist Pedro Monreal, this figure constitutes the third highest record in the last two decades, only surpassed by the “peaks” of July 2019 and March 2021.

As Monreal specified through his account in Twitterthese imports jumped 33% in terms of tons and 28% in value, in relation to the month of January 2022.

“There was a reduction in the value of the kilogram of US chicken exported to Cuba in February 2022 (0.87 USD) compared to the level of 0.91 USD in January 2022,” the economist also specified.

In the first 11 months of 2021, the United States government exported to Cuba chicken meat for a value of 252.8 million USD, a figure 43% higher than the value of all the American chicken exported to the Island throughout of 2020 .

It is worth noting that, as stated in previous occasions Pedro Monreal, poultry meat is, by a considerable margin, the first food imported by Cuba, and it is a product for which there is very little supply capacity of national origin.

Despite the embargo, so used by the Cuban government as a justification for the economic crisis in the country, between 2001 and 2021 the United States exported a total of 2.78 million tons of chicken meat to Cuba with a cumulative value of 2 $368 million.

The United States has also continued to export to the Island products such as soybeans, fruit, coffee, tomato sauce, fresh vegetables and animal feed.

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