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The universal village!

Any comment placed in the digital communication media is universalized; then it is like a glass of water that when spilled cannot be picked up. In this time, more than in previous generations, in this digital age, for more agility of mind and speed to write from an electronic device, a brief reflection is always recommended.

The exchanges between digital communicators in the country about the Mirabal sister heroines are the consequence of a country in crisis, not only economically, but in a broader context. From further away in our universal village, an invocation to the Mirabal sisters by the President of the Council of Ministers of Italy Giorgina Meloni, the first woman to hold that position in her country, 45 years old, and president of the party, was heard from the networks conservative Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), which seemed like a response to the debate among Dominican influencers from social networks.

The three sisters were invoked by the President of Italy for November 25 being the day chosen by the UN, at the proposal of the first government of Dr Leonel Fernández, to commemorate non-violence against women. Las Mariposas de Salcedo, due to their integrity, dignity and solidarity with their husbands imprisoned and tortured by the Trujillo dictatorship, became a world symbol.

His assassination triggered the collapse of the Trujillo dictatorship and with their dignified postures they served important purposes, they have left a timely and universal legacy; their lives were not “useless.” The young woman who referred to them without knowing the meaning of her has received a lesson for life, hopefully she can overcome it because she will violate the interior of her.

Overall, it’s not your fault; It is from an educational system that does not form or build values ​​to strengthen cohesion and social roots. The response to her was with violent language and whoever did it withdrew the expression from her. Violence is stimulated from poor crisis management.

When President Abinader, showing the desperation of someone who does not know what to do, affirms that the criminals must turn themselves in or they will face the PN and the Government, he does not realize that he is decreeing the death penalty and substituting the role of the Public Ministry who is the one who has the power to prosecute crime and offence, and to the courts that are the ones that sanction.

Violence only feeds violence, which is why it increasingly takes on more body. That starts by stopping by training well-paid, well-remunerated and well-remunerated police personnel to prevent crimes and offenses starting with themselves. What the President has done is decree the death penalty, constitutionally non-existent in our country and condemned by international law.

As a consequence of inability, desperation and improvisation, this government has just exhibited on social networks an execution carried out by a police force that sentenced two criminals to death, one of whom is dead and the other still moving. This demonstration of incapacity constitutes a bloody and disgusting circus that only seeks to encourage the light and dehumanizing comments that were made at the bottom of the image of the video that showed the scene, published this past week.

President, remember that we are living in a universal village and those actions have consequences for the country.

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