Credit history: What should I do if I am mistakenly reported to a credit center?

Credit history: What should I do if I am mistakenly reported to a credit center?

Credit reports from a they provide reputational guarantee to people when applying for credit, and are a basic tool for prior verification before being able to access some services or products.

Being reported in a risk center is not something negative, but you should be aware of the financial products registered in your name and know their evolution, since there have been cases that reports are generated by mistake.

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In this line, Experian Peru explains what we must do so that the information in our report is updated correctly:

  • Clearly identify the problem:

When accessing your credit history, it is important to verify that any credit, card or any other financial product or service responds to what we have requested at some point. If not, the entity in question should be called to verify that the product or service exists and by whom it was requested and thus determine if you are a victim of phishing fraud.

  • Generate the formal claim directly with the financial entity that generated the report in the risk center:

In the case of sales or telecommunications companies, you must enter their own platforms, and enter the claim modules where you can make the request. In case it is a bank, financing company or some other entity, it is necessary that you go directly to them and consult the reason for the report.

If there are errors in this, you must register a request for correction and check that they are made within the estimated time, since they are the ones who are obliged to update the data after submitting the request so that the record remains in the credit bureaus. . It is key to do so as soon as you identify yourself because financial institutions have different deadlines to respond to their customers.

  • Follow up on the case:

If the update period of one month has elapsed and you consult your credit report again and see that the information has not been updated, you can go back to the entity to which you made the request to see what stage your process is in and what options you have while solving it.

Review the details of your financial commitments through your credit history, where you can verify if the information that appears is correct and up-to-date. The faster you identify an error in your credit report, the faster you can take the corresponding actions.


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