The National Navy deploys 1,060 troops to guard designated beaches and rivers during the summer

The National Navy deploys 1,060 troops to guard designated beaches and rivers during the summer

The Minister of Defense Javier García, the Director General of the Ministry Fabián Martínez and the National Naval Prefect, Rear Admiral José Elizondo participated this Saturday in the launch of the Safe Summer operation in reference to what will be the task of the National Navy in custody of enabled beaches and rivers.

There, the deployment that the force will make was explained and also the importance of prevention to avoid accidents at sea and on the different coasts of the country.

Minister García said that they are going to participate in the custody of more than 400 km of enabled beaches, the environment of 1060 members of the National Navy and its different bodies, not only from the Prefecture, but also from the support bodies and from the Naval Aviation .

“Here, personnel from the National Naval Prefecture, beach sailors who work seasonally, the Marine Infantry, Naval Aviation and all the means that the Navy deploys are combined. The terrestrial means, the marine means and the means of the Naval Aviation”, specified the Secretary of State.

He maintained that “this year something is added that was not there last year, which are the three Protector boats, coast guards that are going to reinforce patrolling. So this presence that requires the participation of society, because here the most important thing is prevention, ”he clarified.

The minister added that “obviously there is a police task and situations in which action must be taken and crimes to be suppressed, but the most important thing is to prevent. Preventing accidents, drowning, is preventing fires and for this a committed community is required; and that is an appeal that we want to make”, said the minister.

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