The Tripledemia, Is it a threat to the Dominican Republic?8

The Tripledemia, Is it a threat to the Dominican Republic?8

“Tripledemia” is a combination of Covidinfluenza and the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which has been affecting several countries in North and South America since the beginning of winter, due to its high contagion rate.

This attack of multiple viruses affects in most cases children under five years of age and the elderly. This new wave of respiratory viruses keeps pediatric emergencies at some hospitals in several countries on the continent full.

Tripledemia is not serious like the covid-19 pandemic, because its symptoms are milder but they are also careful, some experts assured.

Minister of Public Health

On the other hand, the Minister of Public Health Daniel Rivera declared that the World Health Organization (WHO) maintains an alert for these three diseases, but that the Respiratory Syncytial Virus has not yet affected the country.

He assured that influenza began to have an impact, “but if people continue to get vaccinated, the impact will decrease. Regarding the covid, he expressed that clinically it is very mild and hospitalizations have not increased, although the number of cases is increasing, but everything is still manageable ”.

As stated by Rivera, this combination of viruses in the same body has not yet been detected circulating in the country.

Carlos Feliz Corporan

However, the pulmonologist Carlos Feliz Corporán declared that the Tripledemia has been circulating in the country for more than two months and that the covid is combined not only with these two viruses but with more than four at the same time.

Feliz assured that the authorities only say that it is one more virus and do not speak the truth in relation to this issue, because that would affect the economic activities of the country.

He expressed that it is unfortunate that the country does not know the microorganisms that are circulating, due to the lack of investigation that exists in relation to the data offered by the Epidemiology Directorate (Deipi).

“If the authorities carry out continuous epidemiological surveys, the population could be kept updated on the microorganisms circulating at a given time.”

Feliz Corporán explained that the epidemiology calendar has 52 weeks, that all diseases that are mandatory surveillance and reporting in the Dominican Republic should be published in this calendar. “However, if you enter the Deipi portal, you will see that it is only published until week 44 when it should be updated until week 52, which is the last.

Pan American Health Organization

Instead, Olivier Ronveaux, Representative Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization in the Dominican Republic, I speak of the issue only at the regional level, saying that these three viral respiratory diseases are increasing in the region.

“Covid cases are on the rise, as is influenza, which is occurring out of season in some places, such is the case in Argentina and Uruguay. In contrast, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections are also increasing considerably in Canada, Mexico, the United States, and Uruguay, with a special impact on children and babies under one year of age.

“Everyone knows that covid and influenza can be prevented with a vaccine, which is available in the country, but with respect to the Respiratory Syncytial Virus, care must be taken.

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