Macrosur will resume chaos in January with National Strike

Macrosur will resume chaos in January with National Strike

More than 70 leaders of the Southern Macroregion of Peru agreed to resume the indefinite strike as of January 4, 2023, the date on which the truce agreed with the government of . The agreement was adopted by self-styled social representatives from Madre de Dios, Apurímac, Puno, Tacna, Moquegua, Ayacucho, Cusco, Ica and after a meeting held on Wednesday in the latter city.

According to a document signed after the assembly called the First Macroregional Meeting of Social Organizations, Rumbo al Paro Nacional, the organizations request the dissolution of the and the resignation of Boluarte, as well as his penal sanction for alleged crimes against humanity.

Also the advancement of elections for 2023, hand in hand with a Constituent Assembly and the release of former president Pedro Castillo.

In these regions declared in insurgency, the presence of ministers or representatives of the illegitimate government of Boluarte will not be allowed (…). Any infiltrated police or military will be captured and executed”, reads an unfortunate statement from the violentists.

SIGHT: Dina Boluarte on the resumption of protests: “They are pretexts to continue causing chaos”

The Head of State regretted the announcement of the restart of the protests. yesterday, since pointed out that they are “pretexts to foment chaos” and asked to avoid roadblocks. “I am a provincial Democratic woman. Why are you angry with me, fellow leftists?“, Held.

Peru21 attempted to contact the congressmen representing the regions involved (see box). Only one answered. “I would go to my region (Puno) to talk if the conditions are right… this could end very badly because there are infiltrators related to terrorism”, said Jorge Luis Flores, of Popular Action.


Keep in mind

  • The congressmen representing the Ica region are Raúl Doroteo (Popular Action), Raúl Huamán (Popular Force), Jorge Marticorena (Perú Bicentenario) and José Luis Elías (not grouped).
  • The National Police issued a “absolute alert” before the end of the year celebrations and the resumption of the protests. As a preventive measure, it was ordered to appoint enough personnel by the end of the year.


Summary 2022: Pedro Castillo Investigations

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