The stepfather who killed the 20-year-old girl in Paysandú was charged with femicide

The Justice charged this Wednesday night to the 36-year-old man who confessed to murdering his stepdaughterin Paysandu. The young woman from 20 yearshad been missing since May 20, and his body was found by the police at the home of the now accused.

The man must comply with a precautionary measure of 120 days of preventive detention, for homicide very especially aggravated by femicidereported to The Observer the prosecutor in the case, Cecilia Irigoyen.

Irigoyen will have that time to collect evidence regarding a possible oral trialwhere a sentence.

The murderer and the victim lived in adjoining houses in that town on the north coast of the country; They shared the same property. Police found the buried body there on Tuesday, and investigators believe he died of asphyxiation.

Neighbours burned down the man’s house located in the Curupí neighborhood, and the losses were total. There was no one at the scene, so there were no injuries. Firefighters arrived at the scene to extinguish the flames.

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