El Senado aprueba el Fideicomiso Pro-Pedernales

The Senate approves the Pro-Pedernales Trust

Santo Domingo.- The Senate of the Republic approved in a single reading the trust contract for the tourism development of the province of Pedernales (Pro-Pedernales Trust), presented by the Executive Branch.

Senator Dionis Sánchez presented a favorable report on the piece to the Senate Plenary, which was approved with a vote of 27 votes from the 28 senators present in the session.

The trust, a contract between the Dominican State and Fiduciaria Reservas, would have a positive impact both in Pedernales and in the entire southern region of the country, and would contribute to generating new jobs, improving competitiveness, as well as increasing local and foreign investment.

The regulation consists of the planning, design, promotion, implementation and execution of service infrastructure development projects for the promotion of the province of Pedernales as a tourist destination, in addition to initiating the execution of infrastructure works.

In this Wednesday’s session, the Senate Plenary declared urgent and approved in two consecutive readings, the bill that creates the National Intelligence Directorate (DNI).

Senator Dionis Sánchez (Pedernales) presented a report on the bill to the Senate Plenary, which was approved with a vote of 22 of the 28 senators present.

The initiative, proposed by the Executive Branch, contemplates the investigation of any act committed by individuals, groups or associations, which violates the Constitution and State institutions, subverts the rule of law, puts national and internal security at risk, or try to establish a form of government contrary to the constitutional order.

In addition, the Senate approved in first reading the bill that provides for the suppression of the State Sugar Council (CEA), with the repeal of Law No. 7, of the year 1996.

According to the report of the Permanent Commission of Finance of the Upper House, the CEA is part of the State organs that the Executive Power announced its elimination or reform through Decree 422-20.

The president of the Upper House, Eduardo Estrella (Santiago), sent to the Permanent Commission of the Treasury the bill that, provisionally, levies a zero rate on the customs tariff of certain goods that affect the cost of food that constitute the basic basket of the Dominican family. This initiative was sent by the Executive Power and it has already been sanctioned by the Chamber of Deputies.

Estrella, also sent to a Special Commission the projects that modify the Organic Law 15-19 on the electoral regime and Law 33-18, on political parties, groups and movements.

The Special Commission is headed by Senator Lic. Ricardo de los Santos (Sánchez Ramírez); and it is made up of Senators Faride Raful (National District); Dionis Sánchez (Pedernales); Aris Yván Lorenzo (Elías Piña); Antonio Taveras Guzmán (Santo Domingo Province); Ramón Rogelio Genao (La Vega); Felix the Baptist (Saint John); Melania Salvador (Bahoruco); and Milciades Franjul (Peravia). These initiatives were submitted to the Upper House by the Central Electoral Board.

In the legislative work of this Wednesday, the senators approved in second reading the bill that includes in the student curriculum of the Dominican educational system subjects and programs on the prevention and consumption of illicit drugs and their related crimes.

Also, they approved in second reading the bill that declares Las Marimantas de Yerba Buena, as intangible cultural heritage of the Dominican nation, proposed by Senator Dr. Cristóbal Castillo (Hato Mayor).

Likewise, the bill that designates with the name of Leida Santana Tiburcio the Cerro Bohío educational center of the El Mamón section, of the municipal district of Yerba Buena, of the municipality of Hato Mayor, an initiative of Senator Dr. Cristóbal Castillo, was approved.

Likewise, the bill that designates the Cable Car of Puerto Plata with the name of Cable Car of Puerto Plata Doctor Joaquín Balaguer, a proposal by Senator Ginette Bournigal de Jiménez, was approved.

Similarly, the bill that designates the Santo Socorro Maternal and Child Hospital in the city of Santo Domingo de Guzmán under the name of Doctor José Manuel Rodríguez Jiménez, an initiative of Senator Ginette Bournigal de Jiménez (Puerto Plata).

Similarly, the bill that declares May 9 of each year as the Day of the Bioanalyst was approved, an initiative submitted by Senator David Sosa (Dajabón).

In addition, they approved the bill that declares Hermanas Mirabal as an ecotourism province, an initiative presented by Senator Dr. Bautista Rojas Gómez.

In first reading, the bill was approved that designates the Jarabacoa Soccer Stadium under the name of Father Joaquín Soler, Salesian priest and soccer promoter, presented by the senator of La Vega, Ing. Ramón Rogelio Genao.

The Senate Plenary approved the bill that provides for the installation of renewable energy sources in public and private buildings, a piece presented by Santiago José Zorrilla (El Seibo), vice president of the Senate; and Alexis Victoria (María Trinidad Sánchez).

In addition, the bill that designates with the name teacher Idaliza Elba Féliz Tapia the elementary school of the Los Mangos neighborhood, of the Comendador municipality, Elías Piña, was approved, an initiative presented by Aris Yván Lorenzo.

Similarly, the Senators approved the bill that designates with the name José Loweski Paulino (QUIQUÍN) the building of the Provincial Government of Elías Piña, an initiative of Aris Yván Lorenzo.

The legislators sanctioned several draft resolutions, among which is the one that requests the Minister for Women, Mayra Jiménez, to set up a shelter for battered women in the Monseñor Nouel province; initiative presented by Senator Héctor Acosta.

Also, the Resolution that requests President Luis Abinader to include in the General State Budget for the year 2023 the construction of a second-level hospital in the municipality of San Víctor, Espaillat province; initiative presented by Senator Carlos Gómez.

They approved the Resolution requesting the Plenum of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) the construction of a building to house the offices of the Municipal Electoral Board, the Civil Registry Office and the Municipal Electoral Board Identification Center, in the municipality of Neyba, Bahoruco province; initiative presented by Senator Melania Salvador.

Similarly, the Resolution requesting the executive director of the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (INTRANT), Rafael Arias, the installation of an office of that entity in the municipality of Montecristi, Montecristi province, for the issuance of licenses was passed. of driving; legislative motion presented by Senator Ramón Pimentel.

They also approved the Resolution requesting President Luis Abinader to instruct the Minister of Housing, Habitat and Buildings (MIVHED), Carlos Bonilla, to rebuild and equip the Professor Juan Ruperto Polanco Lyceum, in the municipality of La Descubierta, Independencia province; initiative presented by Senator Lic. Valentín Medrano.

In this Wednesday’s session, the senators approved the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, of July 7, 2017, signed by the Dominican Republic on July 7, 2018. This initiative was submitted by the Executive Branch.

Also, contract number 3524, dated April 4, 2019, was sanctioned, through which the General Director of National Assets donates a 3,000-square-meter portion of land in the Cotuí municipality, Sánchez province, in favor of the Dominican Rehabilitation Association. Ramirez.

This piece was sent by the Executive Power and presented to the Senate Plenary by the senator of the Sánchez Ramírez province, Lic Ricardo de los Santos.

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