The sale of the roast started this Thursday at $ 230 per kilo

The sale of roast at $ 230 per kilooffer that contains the discount derived from the removal of VAT promoted by the government and approved by law, is acquiring greater prominence in the butcher shopsas confirmed to The Observer the presidents of the unions that bring together the merchants of the sector.

As they said, this Wednesday the first sales were made, which increased this Thursdaybased on the fact that its suppliers began to massively distribute the product with the new price.

They estimate that the operation will be fully active at the beginning of next weekbut what sales will reach optimum volume as soon as April begins and an important part of the set of consumers resumes meat purchases, given that their expenditures depend on the collection of wages and these purchases decrease markedly at the end of each month.

The blackboards with the offer.

Germán Möller, president of the National Butchers Association (ANC), said that in his butcher shop, in the area of ​​Av. Garzón and Av. José Batlle y Ordoñez, the cut is already available, and that this is happening in many butcher shops linked to this association.

“Where the roast at $230 is already cut, it has been selling well, there was expectation, people were asking”he added.

Möller, as has happened with other butchers, had roasted in chambers, purchased with VAT, which, in order to meet customer demand and to stimulate purchases, began to sell it at the new value to the consumer.

The sale of the roast started this Thursday at $ 230 per kilo

The roast, cheaper since this week.

Fernando Alfonso, president of the Meat Vendors Union (UVC), for its part, commented that this Thursday the roast with the new price was already present in most of the partner shops of that entity. “Already It has been distributed in many places, little by little it is being supplied to the square with this cut, what slows all this down a bit is that we are at the end of the month and the sale is somewhat stuckit is not easy, as it usually happens”, he added.

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