The Rejection electoral strip received a wave of criticism with the story of a person who works in the sex trade and who was almost murdered

A story told in the television electoral slot in favor of Rejection caused various reactions on social networks. This short film tells the story of a person who works in the sex trade and after going to collect money from a client, he was hit by a shotgun, a situation that put his life at risk.

But the fact that generated controversy was that after the attack and the investigations carried out by the PDI, the victim decided not to make the complaint as “an act of love.”

“They had to remove bones from me, I was alone, I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize myself. I spent a year and a half without doing anything, with depression because I didn’t even understand what was happening to me and why, “the victim commented in her story.

Adding that “a phrase got into my head: what if we loved each other more? None of this would have happened. A few days later, a man from the PDI went to take a statement from me at the hospital, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the face of that client’s son. What was going to happen to that kid if his old man also went to jail? In the end I didn’t sue the client, it was like my first act of love.”

Video via Twitter @michaellobosiqq

After this, the deputy for Social Convergence, Gonzalo Winter, announced that he would make an official letter to CNTV for this short made by the Rejection sector. “The allegory that the piece intends to make is to reproach the Constitutional Convention for not having had the same attitude, that is, it transfers the responsibility of the violence to its victims, and especially to the victims who make the complaint so that the rule of law impose over violence”, commented the parliamentarian.

Adding that “it ends up being an allegory of violence and a piece that invites not to denounce this type of act, that is, not to do justice.”

The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Marcela Ríos, also spoke after this piece, indicating through her Twitter account that “it has cost us a lot as a society to combat discrimination and hate crimes. I call on all victims to have confidence in the institutions and denounce. Our work will be tireless every day to strengthen access to justice.”

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