Tax reform: Vargas Lleras and his harsh warning about the sale of homes

Tax reform: Vargas Lleras and his harsh warning about the sale of homes

The tax reform project It will begin to be discussed in the coming days in the Economic Commissions of the Congress of the Republic, but several of the issues included in the initiative continue to generate controversy in different political sectors.

The recent column by Germán Vargas Lleras has drawn a lot of attention, who warned of serious effects on natural persons. According to the former vice president, The increase in taxes on occasional profits, which would rise to 39%, could seriously affect the used housing trade.

“Individuals will have their occasional earnings rate increased from the current 10 percent to a progressive rate that can reach up to 39 percent. The same will happen with the tax on dividends, from 10 to 39 percent”, indicated the political leader.

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For Vargas Lleras, “This tax is going to limit the trade in used housing and may stimulate the under-invoicing of transactions. A rule should be established that establishes that as long as the profits obtained from the sale of the home are used in the purchase of a new one, the respective tax will not be incurred, as other legislation in the world does”.

And it is that the warning had already been made by the Conservative Party, that he considered that this could greatly harm the finances of Colombian families, especially those of the middle class, as the representative and spokesman Wadith Manzur warned at the time.

“The increase in the rate proposed by the national government could also discourage investment and reduce the country’s competitiveness. Additionally, it would affect sectors such as construction, which is important for the generation of employment and the capital market, important for the financing of companies”, indicated the community.

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The calculations made by representative Carolina Arbeláez, from Cambio Radicalshow that citizens who have this type of income would have to pay almost a million.

According to the legislator, If a person obtains a profit of around 114 million pesos from the sale of a property, they would have to pay around 28% of taxes, that is, about 32 million pesos, figure that could rise if the profit or profit from the sale of said home is greater.

As a result of this, Vargas Lleras insists that said tax not be charged when the money raised by people who want to sell their home is for the acquisition of another property.

This will be one of the most critical points in the discussion of the tax reform in the Congress of the Republic, which already has an urgent message and that the Government wants to move forward to finance social programs.

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