The FA accompanied more than half of the articles of the Rendering of Accounts

The FA accompanied more than half of the articles of the Rendering of Accounts

Photo: Chamber of Senators
Photo: Chamber of Senators

The Broad Front decided to vote in favor of about 50% of the almost 500 articles that the Rendering of Accounts sent to Parliament by the Executive Branch has, despite the differences that arose with the multicolored coalition during the debates on this project.

“The debate will remain for the room. A good Surrender was approved and a good job was done, insofar as the resources of various organizations that needed them were increased without increasing taxes,” Nationalist Senator Jorge Gandini told the press.

For the Frente Amplio senator, José Carlos Mahía, the opposition’s rejection of nearly half of the articles is “a message sent to the Executive Power” that carries out “a philosophy of shrinking the State and cutting back on strategic areas.”

For the Broad Front, education and research is still in progress. “must”.

On Monday, from 10 in the morning, the Chamber of Senators will begin to deal with the more than 500 articles of the Rendering of Accounts.

Rejection of transparency in state contracting

For its part, the multicolored coalition rejected a FA proposal that sought to make the entry of public officials into the departmental administrations transparent through competition.

For the senator of the Vertiente Artiguista front party – who made the proposal -, Amanda Della Ventura, the ruling party’s rejection represents a breach of campaign promises, since in the document “Commitment to the country”, signed by the five coalition parties, promised to “concrete and reorganize the tasks of selection, admission, induction and redistribution of public officials.”

The rejected idea aims to control the entry and promotion of officials by competition, or by lottery when appropriate, throughout the State, including the municipalities.

However, the coalition argued that it is not Their “competence” is to legislate on the municipalities, because there is a membrane of autonomy that separates them.

In statements collected by The DailyDella Vendura stated that it is a “vox populi” that in the municipalities “many times this patronage practice occurs in an excessive way”, citing mechanisms for hiring officials that are not very transparent.

According to information provided by the newspaper The Observer months ago, the mayors in the hands of the National Party are the ones that have the most positions of “confidence”: 47% of the new admissions in the last year were given by direct appointment.

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