“The Bronco was going to escape to Tamaulipas, his driver stopped him,” says García

“The Bronco was going to escape to Tamaulipas, his driver stopped him,” says García

Shortly before the decision, the current governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, pointed out in a message on Twitter that “if someone, whoever, violated the law and abused the trust of the people of Nuevo León, they will have to be held accountable and pay the consequences”.

Rodríguez Calderón was arrested for the alleged diversion of public resources in a 2018 case and was later admitted to the Penitentiary Center located in the municipality of Apodaca, in the state of Nuevo León.

One day after his capture, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, asked not to use the “law” to carry out “political revenge”, questioned about the arrest of Rodríguez Calderón.

“What I always recommend is that the law should not be used for political revenge. Crimes cannot be fabricated and at the same time there should be no impunity,” the president said during his morning press conference from the National Palace.

López Obrador pointed out that the arrest of the former governor is alien to the federal government and criticized the photographs of the arrest of the former politician that were disseminated in the media.

The arrest of the former governor has been due to a case known as the “Broncofirmas” -which had been in the hands of justice for years- an alleged diversion of human and material resources to use public officials of the state to obtain the necessary signatures so that Rodríguez Calderón could run for the Mexican Presidency in 2018.

Recently, the precautionary freezing of two accounts of former top-level officials of the Government of Rodríguez Calderón was also reported.

After three decades belonging to the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Bronco was the first independent governor of Mexico when he won the elections in Nuevo León in 2015, one of the richest states in the country due to its powerful industry.

“El Bronco”, as he is popularly known, was also an independent candidate for the Presidency of Mexico in 2018, but lost to Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

During the period in which he was a presidential candidate, from the beginning and until the middle of 2018, Rodríguez Calderón requested leave to temporarily leave his position as state president.

Controversial, he came to affirm in the campaign that he would “mocharía” (he would cut off) the hand of thieves and corrupt people.

-With information from EFE.

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