Assembly sends the government’s investment law to the file

The proposal of the Executive did not obtain the 70 votes necessary for its approval in the legislature.

The full of National Assembly denied and filed this March 24, 2022 with 87 votes in favor of the motion the Government project known as Investment Law.

This despite the fact that the version denied by the Legislature varies in several aspects with respect to the text sent on an urgent economic basis and with which the Executive intends to attract the country investments for about $30 billion through 2025.

the eve of the session of today’s AssemblyFor example, a specific ban on privatizing the country’s water resources was included. However, the report that reached the plenary for the second debate did not satisfy the opponents of the project, which only obtained 46 votes (of the 70 necessary) in the first attempt to approval this Thursday.

For this reason, the president of the legislature, Guadalupe Llori, established a recess of an hour and a half so that the members of the Economic Development Commission could propose an alternative text. However, the recess lasted more than two hours in which adjustments were made and there were also negotiations.

Despite this, when reinstalling the session, the project did not obtain the necessary support. (SC)

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