Telefónica about the attack on its premises in Ayacucho: "We express our condemnation"

Telefónica about the attack on its premises in Ayacucho: “We express our condemnation”

After a vandal attacked the premises of in Ayacucho, the company spoke out informing that this headquarters was looted and set on fire.

“Today, Friday at 4:42 p.m., a Movistar store in the city of Ayacucho was looted and set on fire. For security reasons, the establishment was closed, however, the vandals forced the door and entered the premises to destroy everything in their path. The main thing for us is that there are no affected people. We express our condemnation of these acts of extreme violence,” he said in a statement.

The company highlighted the relevance of connectivity in the country, “both for people to be in permanent communication and for the operation of public and private organizations.”

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“We regret the hard times that our country is experiencing and we express our sorrow for the irreparable loss of life that this serious social situation has been generating,” he added.

It should be noted that today also located in front of the Plaza de Armas of said city.

In images on social networks, it is observed how a group of vandals are distributing what would be homemade bombs and receiving instructions on how they should be thrown to cause damage.


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