Suspended ADP leader denounces plot to remove him from Education and union struggle

Suspended ADP leader denounces plot to miss him from Education

Higüey – Felipe Castillo, president of the branch of the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), discontinued by the Ministry of Education for allegedly plagiarizing a university thesis, denounced that there is an orchestrated plan to denigrate him and miss him from union life and as an educator in the province of La Altagracia.

He accused the director of the Higüey regional office, Esteban Castelo Garrido, of the persecution against him, who does not resist the anti-corruption fight that the ADP maintains in the province.

“Of course it’s all a plot, an armed plan against him, feet that title they present is not mine, it’s a montage and we are working to dismantle that whole process,” he told elCaribe by telephone.

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He said he found out about the situation through the media, but that he has not received any notification of a complaint against him.

“We are the president of the ADP, we are denouncing all the evils that exist and we have a fight plan so that all the Problems can be solved,” he argued.

He revealed that the person who accuses him is a regional technician, who has now risen to the position and is part of the plan,” he says.

He denounced that part of the plan was to raise the complainant against him to district technician, from there to execute the plan against him.

The complaint

The complaint against the educator is seen as an unprecedented scandal in the province of La Altagracia, where the Ministry of Education announced the suspension of the president of the subsidiary of the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), Felipe Castillo Arias, for allegedly plagiarizing the university degree to an educator from the Universidad Central del Este (UCE), to award it to her name.

The scandal was uncovered after Mercedes Marilyn Acosta filed a complaint against the alleged educator, through a lawyer in the Higüey prosecutor’s office.

The suspension of Felipe Castillo Arias was notified through the General Directorate of Human Resources, which establishes that it will be for 30 days, until the complaint is investigated.

Department of Justice of the province of La Altagracia

The plagiarized degree is Education, mentioning Physical Sciences and Mathematics, which is in the name of Mercedes Acosta, given to the affected person in 2002.

The lawyer of the person affected by the plagiarism revealed that the teacher’s leader has caused serious damage to society, since he appears signing many documents as director of a school in Higüey.

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