Sony does it again with The Walkman

[email protected] | January 14, 2023

The Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 is a high-quality portable music player that will be released in February 2023 in Japan. This device has a sleek and modern design that makes it ideal for those looking for an easy-to-use music player with great performance.

One of the highlights of the sony Walkman NW-ZX700 is its 5-inch touch screen, offering an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user experience. The screen is also high-resolution, allowing you to view song covers and videos in stunning quality.

The sony Walkman NW-ZX700 has a storage capacity of 128 GB, which allows you to store a large amount of music, videos and photos. In addition, the device has a microSD card slot, which allows easy expansion of storage capacity and has android12.


Another of the key features of the Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 is its S-Master HX sound system, which offers high-quality sound with a wide dynamic range and great precision. This system also features a 5-band equalizer, allowing users to adjust the sound to their personal preferences.

In addition to its great sound performance, the Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 features a long-lasting battery that lets you play music for up to 60 hours on a single charge. This means that users can enjoy their favorite music throughout the day without having to worry about charging the device.

The Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 also has a number of additional features, such as the ability to play videos, the ability to take photos and record videos, and the ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. In addition, it has NFC and Bluetooth to connect to other devices and headphones.

In addition, the NW-ZX700 features a noise canceling function, which allows users to hear their favorite music clearly even in noisy environments. This feature uses a built-in microphone to detect and cancel ambient noise, allowing you to enjoy high-quality sound anywhere.

One of the most exciting aspects of the NW-ZX700 is its ability to play high-resolution files up to DSD (Direct Stream Digital) 11.2 MHz and PCM 384kHz/32bit, allowing users to listen to their favorite music with superior sound quality. Awesome.

Another interesting feature is the compatibility with the online music service Tidal, which allows users to have access to millions of high-quality songs and albums. This also allows users to discover new music and create custom playlists.

In short, the Sony Walkman NW-ZX700 is a high-quality portable music player that offers great performance, a sleek, modern design, and a host of extra features. With its large storage capacity, high-quality sound system, noise cancellation, and compatibility with online music services, this device is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality portable music player.

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