Social Comptrollership Law will strengthen citizen participation

This Tuesday the Special Commission for the adaptation of the Laws of Popular Power verified the proposals considered for the Reform Project of the Organic Law of Social Comptrollership, an instrument that is part of the set of regulations that will strengthen citizen participation from the communities.

Deputy Blanca Eekhout (PSUV/Miranda) presided over the meeting where the arguments that will make it possible to adapt the proposed modifications to the law, aimed at strengthening the control and surveillance processes of public assets, from community organizations, referred to a note from National Assembly press.

Regarding the observations of the text, there is the change of instances by entities of the People’s Power, based on what is contemplated in article 169 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (CRBV), referring to the organization of municipalities and other local entities.

The president of the People’s Power Subcommittee, deputy Gabriela Peña (PSUV/Miranda), explained that in the process of consulting the law, it has been proposed to expand article 16, referring to citizen training and to create the National School for the Strengthening of Popular power.

The last restructuring of the Social Comptrollership Law was made in 2010, which consists of 18 articles and, currently, the reform is being proposed with 23 articles, three transitory provisions, a repealing provision and a final one.

It should be noted that the Special Commission for the Transformation of the Laws of Popular Power was formed last October at the initiative of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, in order to make it more consistent with the realities of the people.

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