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January 28, 2022
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Sectors investigate and warn with “intervening” the Government

Sectors investigate and warn with "intervening" the Government

Pablo Peralta M./ La Paz

A new flank of questioning was opened against the Government of Potosí in the framework of the case called ghost ambulances. From sectors of the North of Potosí of the Movement Towards Socialism, they inquired about it and even warn of intervening in that office if Governor Jhonny Mamani does not come down to report on the situation of the hiring process.

Meanwhile, the ALD observed the award and recommended prosecuting Estefals Logistics and dismissing officials linked to the contracting process.

The Single Trade Union Federation of Original Workers of Ayllus of Northern Potosí (Fsutoa-NP) and the Single Trade Union Federation of Original Peasant Workers, Ayllus Norte Potosí Bartolina Sisa called a meeting for February 5, in Llallagua, to hold a “Analysis of irregular events in the government entity of Potosí”.

“We receive (information) that he had bought at a premium and there are no ambulances either, we are convening about that and (the governor) is going to come down from Potosí to inform us of the state of the process. Otherwise, we are going to (make) verifications and later, if they don’t do it, we are going to intervene the Governor’s Office”, Jorge Choque, general secretary of the Fsutoa-NP, told Page Seven.

On November 26, 2021, the Government of Potosí signed the contract with Estefals Logistics for 41 ambulances. The motorized workers did not arrive in the country and on January 19 the governor canceled the hiring process.

The leadership of the ayllus of the North of Potosí found out about the case through the media. After that, they made their own inquiries and found that there is also a contract for the purchase of a van.

“According to the media, we have found out. Later, aside from that, I just called some workers who are government officials, who told me that ‘it’s the truth.’ For this reason, unfortunately, as Norte de Potosí we are going to stand up, because we cannot lose that resource that we have, our money, for our works, for our schools. It is not to steal, ”said Choque.

The leader recalled that Mamani was imposed as a candidate by former President Evo Morales, despite the fact that they rejected him. “The white poncho has not been democratically elected from the base. He has been elected from the four walls that comrade Evo has chosen,” he said.

On the other hand, the directive of the Departmental Legislative Assembly (ALD) made observations on the hiring process and recommended prosecuting Estefals, in addition to dismissing and prosecuting the officials in charge of the hiring process.

“If the executive has nothing to do with this company, he has to initiate a process against the company,” said Marcial Ayali Villca, president of the ALD. Asked if they did not find responsibility in Governor Mamani, he replied: “Not so far.”

ambulance case

  • Contract The contract for the acquisition of the 41 ambulances was signed on November 26 for an amount of 20.5 million bolivianos.
  • Detonator On January 14 they denounced that the process of acquiring the motorized vehicles was irregular.
  • High On January 19, the governor of Potosí, Jhonny Mamani, canceled the hiring process. “We are canceling it for reasons of force majeure,” he said then.
  • Contracts Between the months of November and December 2021, the Government of Potosí signed contracts for the purchase of ambulances, cars for citizen security and a van.

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