Santa Cruz: a woman dies after falling from a bus to protect her son

Santa Cruz: a woman dies after falling from a bus to protect her son

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A 43-year-old woman died Wednesday morning after falling from a bus on her way to work. The accident occurred between the ninth and tenth rings of Cumavi Avenue, in Villa Primero de Mayo, in Santa Cruz.

María Antonieta Salgueiro died after falling from the public transport vehicle that was full.

“The lady ends up dying as a result of this unfortunate fall, from this unfortunate event we have the bus and the driver retained,” reported the departmental director of Transit, Roberto Porcel.

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According to the official report, the passenger was near the door of the bus with her four-year-old son, and fell while trying to protect her child.

“We have to indicate that there should be no passengers standing at the doors of the buses,” the transit authority warned drivers and passengers.

The Police investigate the degree of responsibility of the driver of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the woman’s body was taken to the morgue and the child is stable, admitted to the Kamiya hospital.

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