Santa Arias: "I gave him forgiveness and I don't regret it, they can release him for me"

Santa Arias: “I gave him forgiveness and I don’t regret it, they can release him for me”

Santa Arias, the woman who was assaulted by Alexis Villalona and for whose action coercive measures will be known this Friday to the man, explained the reasons he had to pardon him and withdraw the accusation filed against him.

The woman withdrew the complaint she filed against her aggressor and said that “she does not regret” her actions. He assured that he did it from the heart and for the emotional well-being of the mother of the accused of gender violence.

“I did it because it was born from my heart, in truth he did it wrong, because he acted very badly and I was very indignant, I wanted justice, but I also reconsidered, why? there is a mother suffering, that is, I did it not for him, it was not for him, it was for his mother. That mother is devastated, I know it, I’m sorry, I don’t sleep “, said when interviewed by the SIN newscast.

She pointed out that she had no peace and that she believes that now she will be able to eat and sleep peacefully. “I don’t have peace with myself because he really did it wrong, but I’m alive. I gave him the sorry and I don’t regret it, they can let him go for me”, he added.

The woman also assured that the sorry that he gave to Villalona was not the product of him receiving pressure from anyone.

“I did it not because no one suffocated me, because no one asked me to do it, no, it came to me to do it and I don’t regret it,” he asserted.

Arias asked the population to understand the reason for her decision, just as she is aware that what she did will provoke the outrage of people who supported her when she was beaten and her aggressor was on the run.

“So I ask the social networks, all the people who supported me at that time, that perhaps they have to be outraged with me, but if there are mothers among them, they have to realize that they do not want to be in the shoes of the mother of that man,” he said.

“I did it because the Lord touched me and I am looking for God,” he added. However, last week he stated that he would never forgive Villalona, ​​after he apologized. On the occasion, she said that she would take the case to the last consequences and asked that no one approach her with the intention of changing her mind.

The aggression

the beating of Santa Arias by Villalona occurred on the night of December 31 when there was a traffic accident between the two in Bani. The event was captured on security cameras, it went viral on social networks and the media, causing widespread outrage among the population.

Public ministry will hold accusation

Despite the dismissal of the complaint, the Public ministry announced that he will continue with the accusation against Villalona because the aggression it is a crime of public order, which empowers him to follow the process.

The defendant will be known measure of coercion this Friday from 9:00 in the morning at the Court of Permanent Attention of Bani, Peravia province.

Similarly, the Ministry of Women indicated, in a press release, that it will continue the case and that it has not been dispossessed of it.

“The Ministry will be present at the hearing where coercive measures against Alexis Villalona together with the prosecutor Bani, Ángel Darío Tejada, who expressed that he will not stop the case, because “this type of case” does not only affect one person, this time Santa Arias, but to the whole society and we will be representing it”, he indicated in a press release.

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