Sanguinetti said that the announced measures have a fiscal cost of US$ 170 million

The ex-president Julio Maria Sanguinetti reported that the additional increase of 3% for retirees and pensioners and 2% for public officials will generate a fiscal cost of US$ 170 million.

He described the measure announced by President Luis Lacalle Pou as a “first positive answer“Having given certain increases in January, complementing them now to rescue what could mean a loss during these months due to the inflationary thrust was very appropriate,” he indicated.

He explained that measures of this type must be taken always thinking that the fiscal sacrifice it has to have a boundary. “This costs US$170 million in the second half. In an economy that has a deficit. Taking other measures could cost more. So you have to graduate,” he answered at a press conference when asked about the possibility that the government would opt for other measures.

Sanguinettti participated in the meeting prior to the announcements that Lacalle Pou held with the leaders of the coalition and with other government officials.

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