FANB removes four explosive devices from the Tancol in Apure

FANB removes four explosive devices from the Tancol in Apure

The Amazonas Rapid Reaction Units (URRA) of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) after scrutinizing work in the state of Apure deactivated this Sunday four explosive devices of the Armed Terrorist Drug Traffickers of Colombia (Tancol) with detonator, gunpowder, rollers and rods with the goal of “killing bystanders who approach their camps.”

This information was disseminated through his account on the social network Twitter by the Operational Strategic Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb), G/J, Domingo Hernández Lárez, who specified: “Today, Resurrection Sunday, the URRA Amazonas in scrutiny of Hurry defuses 4 TANCOL explosive devices with detonator, gunpowder, ball bearings and rods to kill bystanders who come near their camps! FANB will neutralize these invaders, sadistic terrorists!”

Hernández Lárez explained that planting explosives “is a custom developed in the neighboring country by drug traffickers.”

“The planting of traps and explosives is a custom developed in the neighboring country by drug traffickers and they have tried to silently implant it in the cross-border axis, FANB maintains hundreds of explosives agents deployed in a daily task to eradicate the TANCOL invasion!”, he specified .

To find and deactivate these explosives, the Ceofanb commander emphasized the commitment of the explosives experts and engineers that the FANB has, who “remain knee-deep in our sovereign territory of explosive devices planted on the roads by Colombian drug traffickers who are determined to bring their customs to Venezuela”.

Likewise, Hernández Lárez referred that these terrorist practices and silent invasion by the Tancols in the national territory are due to the lack of control and indifference on the part of the Colombian security agencies that allow these terrorists “to cross their border loaded with of Colombian raw material, coca paste, machinery, chemical materials entering a sort of silent invasion. FANB will fight them!” he added.

The actions carried out by the FANB against these terrorist groups in Colombia are part of the Operation Bolivarian Shield Vuelvan Caras 2022, deployed in the plains entity with a large number of military personnel ready to search and deactivate explosives.

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