Rescued fishermen from the boat El Pirulo

Rescued fishermen from the boat El Pirulo

The four crew members of the Pirulo boat 1which was shipwrecked last weekend, were rescued, safe and sound in Ocumare de La Costa, Aragua state, after the search for their fellow workers and the Council of Fishermen and Fishermen (Conppa) of La Guaira.

It was learned that the boat where the fishermen from the La Zorra pier were traveling, identified as Juan Ramón Pérez (63), Jon Manamá (32), Luis Gerardo Guarenas (22) and Captain Ronald Malavé (27), had a fault in the engine of the peñero, causing them to be stranded on the high seas.

Rescue of the four crew

The rescue actions were carried out by more than five boats, which departed from the La Zorra fishing pier, Catia La Mar parish, La Guaira state, last Tuesday.

Omar Correa, a member of the Conppa de La Zorra, reported that officials from Coastal Surveillance, PNB of Aquatic Spaces and boats from other fishing docks also joined the rescue.

He recalled that the boats they have in said dock are over 30 years old and are not in conditions for the task, but due to the lack of resources and credits, they are forced to jump into the sea running all kinds of risks.

The sinking of the fishing boat

The fishing vessel El Pirulo set sail last Saturday at 1 in the afternoon from the La Zorra fishing pier in Catia la Mar, bound for the El Placer sector, a favorite place for artisanal fishing in La Guaira.

The ship is occupied by 4 fishermen, identified as Ronald Malavé who is the captain and sailors Luis Guarena, Jon Manama and Juan De Mata.

It was expected that he would arrive from work this Sunday, however, it was not. Dock managers and relatives tried to establish communication, but were unsuccessful.

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