Repression in Nicaragua increases, May left 158 ​​incidents violating DD. H H.

The most recent report of the Blue and White Monitoring, which runs from May 1 to 31, records 158 incidents of human rights violations in 13 departments and two autonomous regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean.

Regarding the registration of cases, Monitoring explained that the number 158 refers to the number of registered incidents, which may present characteristics of various types of human rights violations.

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Among the attacks on Nicaraguans, they point out: Prosecution processes with alternative measures (81), arbitrary arrests (63), harassment (29), threats (16), attacks (2), raids (6), suspension of professional titles ( 27) migratory repression (10).

Also, and without giving further details, they indicate “a death in unclear circumstances.”», after reporting the detention of which a citizen was the victim.

The cities where the most human rights violations were recorded were Chinandega with 22, among which are arrests (5), raids (1), prosecution (15), attacks (1).

Jinotega follows with 19, which are divided into eight arrests, one search, nine prosecutions and one harassment. León is on the list with 12 repressive actions, divided into four arrests, two prosecutions, three threats and three harassments.

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Other departments where arrests, prosecutions, harassment, threats and raids are reported were in Rivas (5), Managua (33), Masaya (12), Granada (15), Chontales (17), Estelí (15), Madriz ( 9), Nueva Segovia (4), RACCS (15), RACCN (4), Boaco (3), national (47).

Regarding judicialization processes with alternative measures, the report compiled 81 in the 13 cities and the two autonomous regions. Those affected were 53 men and 28 women.

They also point out that four priests were detained during the month of May, of which one was released, while the others remain detained in different prisons in the country.

27 lawyers had their titles suspended

Another of the situations that the Blue and White Monitoring revealed was the removal of their titles from 27 lawyers, including former politicians who were exiled from Nicaragua and others who were stripped of their nationality.

«27 people were affected by the definitive suspension of the practice of the professions of lawyer and notary public, by resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice. 21 are men and 6 women,” the document states.

Ortguista police in networks against opponents nationwide
Ortguista police in networks against opponents nationwide

Regarding the migratory repression, the investigative team counts 10 incidents, where some migratory measure was applied to people that violates the right of free movement or entry into the country.

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On the other hand, the Monitoring reported that “the registered incidents with presumed political motivations continue to be verified, as well as the origin of their origin. Due to the lack of information and the climate of repression, the figures presented may vary.

During the month of May, the Ortega regime increased its repression against all opponents, especially religious leaders. He accuses all of them of alleged treason or cybercrimes, accusations that have become common since 2018, forcing some opponents, who were released, to leave the country.

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