Reporter protests, presidential tears and love in #LaSemanaResumida

Reporter protests, presidential tears and love in #LaSemanaResumida

It was a week of historic protests. Protests by journalists in front of their information sources: in the Chamber of Deputies, they turned their backs on the legislators and raised their voices.

In the Senate of the Republic, they emptied a press conference of morenistas…

In front of the Ministry of the Interior, they placed five empty chairs on behalf of the colleagues assassinated so far this year.

And in front of the president they did the same…

Jose Luis Gamboa present!

Margarito Martinez present!

Lourdes Maldonado present!

Roberto Toledo present!

Heber López present!

Let it be heard loud and clear: The truth is not killed by killing journalists.


For more videos of #LaSemanaResumida, check out the section video-politics .


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