Regional councilors of Huancavelica have to "beg" for a budget to supervise

Regional councilors of Huancavelica have to “beg” for a budget to supervise

Today, Friday, January 7, the regional councilors will have their first ordinary session in 2022, and prior to that, the former president of the Huancavelica Regional Council (CRH), Teobaldo Quispe Guillén, stated that the reality in the application of the Council’s functions it is difficult, and he even expressed the disgust he has for this reality.

Likewise, it recommends to the new president of the Council, Hugo Espinoza, greater communication with the population and to be persistent in the inspection work despite the limitations.

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After two years (2019 and 2021) being president of the CRH, Quispe decided to tell what the reality of the Council is like.

“The regional councils, for me, should not exist until the Organic Law of the Regional Governments is modified. I say this because we do not have any decision-making as a plenary session, when, for example, we have to carry out the legislative, supervisory or representative function, we are limited, “said Quispe.

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He added: “We do not have any economic or administrative autonomy; and as long as the regional councils do not have those two, so among the best of the people on the Council, it will always continue the same ”.

Quispe affirmed that through the sessions they had with their counterparts in the Southern Macro Region and in the Central Macro Region of counselors, they were seeking to present initiatives to the State so that the Regional Councils have economic and administrative autonomy.

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“We have proposed that, once and for all, this amendment to the law be made; …, because now we only suggest, exhort, recommend, that is the issue now in the Regional Council, because even summoning officials does not make sense, because you summon them, they come, they commit themselves, and everything remains the same; and one cannot do anything, because if we do, they even have the right to denounce us, “said the former president.

Likewise, he expressed that, talking with other presidents of regional councils, they agreed that there are limitations in their functions.

“Everything depends on the will of the Executive. For this year, the budget for the Council (CRH) in the institutional POI is 350 thousand soles, and that sharing it among 11 councilors, and also, acquiring materials for our functions, is not enough. You even have 500 gallons of fuel for the year, and right now you continue to beg for fuel, a truck, of which they give one or two for 11 councilors, ”Quispe reported.

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He also stated that: “That is the sad reality, unfortunately, and I also understand, thinking on the Executive side, that, if I own the money, how am I going to give money so that, excuse the term, screw me! myself! So, practically, I could not give bullets, so that with those bullets they would shoot me; and that is what is happening not only in the Huancavelica Regional Council, but also in the councils of the entire country. “

Likewise, to the last president of the CRH for the 2019-2022 period, he recommended that they inform the population of the actions carried out by the Council on a weekly basis.

“It is having greater communication with the population. Let the population know our work. That, despite the limitations given by the Executive, we are giving everything of us to carry out our three functions ”, said Quispe.

He added: “It is for this reason that I would recommend to the new President of the Council that the Council weekly report on what is being done and be persistent in the inspection work, despite the limitations, so that the population knows the reality and does not leave comments that nothing is done ”.

Quispe explained that the Council needs advisers to allow them to prepare three legislative initiatives that were pending, as well as for the preparation of audit reports.

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