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Ranchers are in a “dreamed and historic moment” with record exports

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Photo: pixabay

International meat prices are at historic highs and export volumes are at record levels for the Uruguayan livestock industry with prices that are very favorable to its finances, which have remained stable so far in 2022, with values ​​similar to those of 2014. which was also a good year.

“There is no doubt that the cattle moment is historic; it is unprecedented that things are worth what they are worth. Now it’s the same all year round. In post harvest there are higher prices than in winter, the winter is worth it, the calf is worth it. It’s really a dream moment”, said the manager of the company Indarte & Compañía, Fernando Indarte, interviewed on the program Let’s talk about Agriculture from channel 10.

Indarte added that sales to the gigantic Asian market were paradigmatic for Uruguayan exports: currently, up to 52,000 head of cattle can be slaughtered, a historically high figure for Uruguayan averages.

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