Puglia: “I come from a lifelong white family. Working in culture fascinates me”

The chef and television host, Sergio Puglia, referred this Sunday to his decision to accept the invitation to join the Culture Commission of the National Party.

“Each of us always do politics when we have an opinion in life, don’t tell me that we don’t do partisan politics. Each one of us has a vision of the society in which he wants to live that is attached to the political philosophy to which we directly adhere, ”he stated in the Controversy at the Bar program.

“I come from a lifelong white family. By tradition I first approached the party and by conviction I continued in it throughout my life. So it’s no surprise.” said.

In addition, he recalled that in the last electoral campaign “when the people on the left came out to say that culture is from the left or it is not culture, the National Party came out to contradict and said that culture belongs to everyone.”

“That’s what I think. Talents must be recognized, no matter what political flag they walk on, ”she said.

“I think it’s a really good thing to be able to contribute. Working in culture is something that fascinates me. I have contributed a lot to culture from my area, which is gastronomy”Puglia said.

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