They value the integration of women in the organization Fuerza del Pueblo

They value the integration of women in the organization Fuerza del Pueblo

The leader of the People’s Force, Anibelka Rodriguez, considered this Sunday as a transcendental step forward the decision to raise the number of women members of the organization’s Political Directorate to 21.

Rodríguez, in charge of Organization of the Women’s Branch of the District One of the People’s Force (FP), in Santo Domingo Eastsaid that the measure is a recognition of the role of women not only in that party, but in the political life of the country and in all of society.

According to a press release, he highlighted the importance of the measure announced at a meeting of the Central Directorate of the FP, headed by the leader of the political organization, Leonel Fernandez.

She pointed out that, in addition to recognizing women’s participation in political activity, and throughout society, the measure paves the way for women to assume a more important role not only in positions of organizations in the leadership of the party, but also as representatives in elective positions and leading the destinies of the nation.

She indicated that in her case she aspires to be a councilor of the City Council of Santo Domingo Eastin the province of Santo Domingo, with the purpose of working to promote initiatives of the People’s Force and serve the best interests of the community and the entire municipality.

She added that, from the different strata of the party, from community groups, from living forces of society, they have been encouraging her to seek an elective position, knowing the work, the role she can play for the smooth running of the council, and to seek solutions to the problems that afflict the municipality.

He noted that Santo Domingo Eastlike the rest of the country’s municipalities, requires its men and women to face and overcome different problems that affect their daily lives and take appropriate steps to promote their development.

The leader valued the decision of the leadership headed by Fernández to give greater participation to women in the greater leadership structure of the party, aware of the work and role they play in the organization, and in general in our society.

Rodríguez stated that, encouraged by this assessment, she has aspirations to hold a council position in the Santo Domingo City Council to help promote initiatives of the People’s Force and meet urgent demands of the population for a better development of the municipality.

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