Provisional detention decreed for implicated in Banesco robbery, Calle 50

A 20-year-old man will remain in detention after the guarantee judge of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama, Meylín Jaén, decreed the personal precautionary measure of provisional detention at the request of the Public Ministry.

The citizen was arrested for the alleged commission of crimes against the economic order in the form of aggravated robbery, to the detriment of Banco Banesco.

At the hearing, held this Thursday, October 13, the judge, after hearing and analyzing the arguments of the intervening parties, based her decision to apply the personal precautionary measures, after considering the nature of the event, in addition to the procedural risk of flight danger , danger of destroying or affecting evidence, danger to the community due to the nature of the event, and danger to the victims.

This case is related to an investigation that began on September 3 of the current year, when the robbery of the Banco Banesco branch, located on Calle 50, was confirmed. The man was arrested on October 11.

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