Project could expand protection to the Pantanal

Project could expand protection to the Pantanal

A proposal that aims to protect the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul from the expansion of monoculture is being discussed in the Legislative Assembly. State deputy Pedro Kemp (PT) presented, this Tuesday (21), Bill (PL) 69/2023, authored by Amarildo Cruz (PT), who died on March 17. Now, the matter goes to the Constitution, Justice and Writing Commission (CCJ).Project could expand protection to the Pantanal

If the text is approved in plenary, agribusiness entrepreneurs should run into restrictions. With the project, the opening of new areas destined for monocultures – such as the planting of soybeans and the expansion of crops – will have prohibitions “strictly observed in the areas of permanent preservation and legal reserve provided for in state legislation and in the Forestry Code”.


If the proposal becomes law, the State Program for the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Pantanal Sul-Mato-Grossense will be instituted, which should improve the delimitation and protection of priority areas for the conservation and recovery of ecosystems and stimulate the development of research on the biome and environmental education and training projects. The program should also serve as a basis for ecotourism and sustainable tourism activities in the region.

According to the Annual Report on Deforestation in Brazil (RAD), by MapBiomas, between 2020 and 2021 there was a 50.5% increase in notifications that alert to cases of deforestation. There was also a growth of 15.7% in the area deforested in the period.

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