ProDominicana at the Constanza Harvest Festival 2022

ProDominicana at the Constanza Harvest Festival 2022

The Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (ProDominican) presented its portfolio of services to exporters and Cibao authorities, within the framework of the Harvest Festival Constanza 2022, organized by the Association for the Development of Constanza and held in said municipality of La Vega.

The festival seeks to expose and promote the agricultural products of the country.

“We are deploying an extraordinary effort to guarantee that the producers of the municipalities actively participate in the exports from the country. The Harvest Festival it is an opportunity to involve the agricultural sector of Constanza, and La Vega in general,” said Biviana Riveiro, executive director of ProDominican.

Likewise, Riveiro explained that, within the framework of the National Plan for the Promotion of Exports, the promotion of the country’s export sector is proactive. “In other words, our team goes to the communities, through the ProDomincana offices that we are installing in all the provinces, we are much closer to the areas where our exportable supply is produced,” he added.

According to the data disclosed ProDominicanthe exports of the La Vega province reached 126.86 million dollars in 2021. 78% of these went to the United States, 5% to Canada, 4% to Haiti and 2% to Puerto Rico.

Among the products exported from the province of La Vega are: sports shoes, chillies and peppers, and cotton sweaters. The province presents business opportunities in the sectors: agriculture and ecological and mountain rural tourism.

The economic activity of Constanza is agriculture. It has 1,800,000 square meters of greenhouses for the production of fruits and vegetables for import and local consumption. It produces strawberries, grapes, apples, various vegetables and flowers.

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During the festival, ProDominican showed the products and services offered to the country’s export sector. brought information about ProDominican Connnet, your digital trading platform.

Likewise, he presented RAMI, the service that allows knowing the requirements to export to the country’s commercial partners. Likewise, there were the Directory of Exporters, the Export Guide. The training offer available in ProDominican Capacita.

The Harvest Festival of Constanza 2022 was dedicated to the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader. In this, products and technologies applied to agricultural production were exhibited; Workshops and cultural activities linked to the productive sector of the area were held.

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