Grilled Chicken Day would increase sales by 25%

Grilled Chicken Day would increase sales by 25%

One of the favorite dishes by Peruvians, ideal for any celebration, is the . And, as is customary, faithful to our idiosyncrasies and just as we celebrate the day of pisco sour or cebiche, now it is our turn to entertain one of the flagship dishes of our gastronomy (see more about this celebration and its presentation at the tables in the page 17).

Despite the crisis due to the rise in food prices, which has affected the restaurant sector, chicken shops have tried to manage affordable prices and without affecting the quality of the product so as not to impact the pockets of consumers, assured Rodolfo Valencia, operations manager of the Don Tito chicken shop.

“We have prepared well in advance to meet the times and quality. However, we still hope to reach pre-pandemic sales now that we have been reactivating little by little with the largest capacity and more flexible hours, ”he indicated.

For Blanca Chávez, president of the Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Related (Now), no gastronomic sector has recovered 100%; however, this week of celebrating the grilled chicken there has been a lot of movement and the same is expected for today, the central day.

“For consumption in the salon, we hope to increase sales by 200%, but orders for delivery are already being received as of Friday,” said the also owner of the Tampa Chiken chicken shop.


José Luis Silva Martinot, representative of the Union of Restaurant Guilds and Associations, noted that although before the delivery in poultry was between 20% and 25%, today that figure has increased to 40% and explained that the costs of this service they are much higher than those of salon sales.

“Profit margins have been reduced and the increase that has occurred in recent weeks cannot be transferred to the public in the same proportion,” he said.

He explained that the expense of the service, the dishes and others is relatively small, but in the case of delivery, special packaging is invested in so that the product arrives in the best conditions, in addition to the issue of health security.

Thus, many restaurants have chosen to absorb that cost; however, it is expected that this week of celebration there will be a rebound in sales of 20% to 25% compared to previous weeks.

Grilled Chicken Day would increase sales by 25%


Last Thursday, the Plenary of Congress approved the opinion that proposes to establish a special and temporary rate of the General Sales Tax (IGV) of 8% for micro and small companies in the category of restaurants, hotels, tourist accommodation, catering services and food dealers.

In this regard, Chavez pointed out that this reduction will help to a great extent not to raise prices and he hopes that what is approved will not be observed.

Silva celebrated the measure and explained that in the country, more than any other type of restaurant, chifas and chicken restaurants abound, and 98% of these are micro or small restaurants.

“(The norm) will have a huge impact on mypes, which will be the most benefited,” he said.

knew that

  • According to Rappi, deliveries will increase by 250%.
  • Blanca Chávez calculated that the average ticket per person would reach S/70.
  • According to Beat, today the increase in trips to commercial areas where there are chicken shops is expected by 16%.


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