Port: Absence of controls in the area where Montecon operated

In 2016, an internal audit was carried out at the request of the National Ports Administration (PNA). As a result, it exposed a series of irregularities, they were referred to the use of public areas related to the Port of Montevideo. Several companies operated there, including Montecom.

In the month of March of that year, Alberto Díaz, who served as President of the National Ports Administration (ANP), requested a photographic sample from the Audit area that included the storage area occupied in the Port.

However, it also requested a survey of procedures and control of storage areas. It included the ports that were under the administration of the ANP. On April 1st, the inspection of the occupied areas in the Port of Montevideo was carried out.

The report made, dedicates a segment to the company Montecom. It is argued that “in March we found eight invoices issued for storage.” A total of two of them corresponded to the “merchandise warehouse” that is “adjacent” to the dock area. On the other hand, “six invoices” more, correspond to the service of “merchandise deposit in Rambla”, is added in the text.

On these invoices, it is detailed that “in none of these six invoices, we were able to identify neither the area nor the merchandise.” The reason is that in “the additional description, data from the Service Letters (CS) or File (EE) are not concluded, which give rise to storage”.

The area adjacent to the port quay

Regarding the two invoices located in said area, it is maintained that “the detail of the invoices does not identify supporting documentation”, of said operation or of the area of ​​the same. It adds that “we cannot confirm that the settled hours were actually occupied, we have, nor are we certain that in the occupied area” it coincides “with the docking pier.”


On the closing of the report, it is added that “in the inspection we carried out we verified that the areas are not marked with paint lines on the floor.” It lacked the “stocks of other forms” that would allow the ANP to “affirm or control that the same space originally occupied” as well as “quantity and place, is being billed appropriately.”

After the reports and with knowledge of them, in the month of September of the same year, the representative for the National Party in the ANP, Andrés Chahnazaroff, raised the need to carry out an internal audit in the ports of Nueva Palmira, Montevideo and Points of Sayago.

However, in 2019, the General Manager of the ANP at that time made the suggestion to archive the file.

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