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Popular receives the “RD Includes” seal for its inclusive practices

Soraya Sánchez, Antonia Antón, José Hernández, Ivelisse Villavicencio and María Povedano.

The Banco Popular Dominicano was distinguished with the Seal of Good Inclusive Practices for People with Disabilities “RD Includes” 2021.

It was awarded by the National Disability Council (Conadis) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), thus recognizing the inclusion process that the financial organization develops in multiple areas.

In particular, as reported, the Banco Popular Dominicano received fifteen “RD Includes” stamps for the good practices carried out in terms of training and awareness of its collaborators, the adaptation of offices and channels and the awareness of public opinion in favor of inclusion for people with disabilities. The entities granting the seal recognize, specifically, the fact that Popular has implemented a general policy of inclusion and fosters an inclusive culture for the entire organization, by conducting a guide for customer service with disabilities and workshops in Sign language for employees, internal communication campaigns to raise awareness, simultaneous translation in sign language implemented in institutional events, adaptation as accessible offices of the Torre Popular and Torre Empresarial 27 de Febrero branches, in Santo Domingo; Juan Pablo Duarte (Santiago), San Cristóbal II, Bonao, La Vega, Nagua and Bávaro City Center, the network of accessible ATMs and communication to raise awareness about the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Popular for Everyone

All these actions are part of the inclusion strategy for people with disabilities, “Popular para Todos”, a set of initiatives that promotes an inclusive culture inside and outside the institution to promote equal treatment, progressively reduce access barriers to products and services, and to provide customers with disabilities with excellent and memorable service.

To this end, 11 offices throughout the country have already been adapted with structures and signs that facilitate access for people with disabilities, such as boxes with adjusted heights, access ramps, adapted bathrooms, marked parking lots or training in sign language. for service personnel, among others.

Likewise, the financial institution is promoting the recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities, thus offering job opportunities to a group affected by a high unemployment rate.

“Popular para Todos” is an ongoing program, with a comprehensive approach, which will continue to strengthen over time, as all new or remodeled offices will be built under the inclusion parameters. Similarly, the financial organization will keep awareness campaigns active throughout the year among its workforce and outside the institution.

Efforts to promote a culture of inclusion

“We are honored and proud to receive the ‘RD Includes’ Seal, because it recognizes our efforts to promote an inclusive culture, aligned with our values ​​and culture of service and the United Nations Principles of Responsible Banking,” said Antonia Antón de Hernández, Senior Executive Vice President of Human Management, Cultural Transformation, Credit Administration and Compliance. Meanwhile, Ivelisse Villavicencio, Conadis Awareness Manager, expressed her satisfaction with the actions undertaken by Banco Popular.

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