They present a bill to exempt those who have not voted in BPS elections from fines


On November 28, the elections of the social representatives (active, passive and businessmen) in the Board of the BPS were held.

As established by current legislation, voting is mandatory, except for those who are over 75 years of age on the date of the election or are receiving disability benefits.

The fine for not voting is one Adjustable Unit (that is, 1,358 pesos). Said fine will be doubled in the case of professionals with degrees issued by the University of the Republic or public officials.

According to official data, the appearance at the polls was 77% of those authorized to vote.

In this context, in the last hours, the Colorado deputy Eduardo Elinger presented a bill to exempt those who did not turn out to vote on November 28 from paying fines.

“Last Sunday, November 28, and in accordance with Law No. 16,241, the elections of the representatives to integrate the Board of the Social Security Bank (BPS) were held. We refer specifically to those who represent active members, passive members, and BPS contributors. The popular vote rooted in our democratic culture, is undoubtedly a citizen act that distinguishes us as a country and in this particular case, we also highlight that option for an imminently social body, “said the legislator in his explanatory memorandum.

“However, and beyond the relevance of the electoral act of last Sunday, November 28, we must point out the little information that exists at the population level about this day of popular suffrage and its objective. For these purposes and in the face of other situations that could have possibly been generated, is that we propose this bill that prevents citizens authorized to vote on November 28, from being liable to a fine as established, for not having paid that day, ”he said.

It also considered that the pandemic situation “generates an economic recession at all social levels and in this case it would become an unwanted problem in the spirit of the Law itself.”


Sole Article: Members of the Social Security Bank (BPS) (assets, liabilities and entrepreneurs) who, being obliged to pay on Sunday, November 28, 2021, according to the provisions of Law No. 16,241, would not have done so, they will not be liable of the sanctions provided for in Article 21 of Law No. 16,241, of January 9, 1992.

The non-application of article 21 of Law 16,241 will govern for all cases of those authorized to vote who have not done so and only for the specific case of the election held on November 28, 2021.

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