Political parties without support in Arequipa in elections

Political parties without support in Arequipa in elections

Unlike Lima and the north of the country, where Renovación Popular and Alianza Para el Progreso won district mayorships, in the province of Arequipa only one party reached a place. This is the virtual mayor of the district of cheerJosé Huamaní Chaupi, 22 years old, who is a militant of We are Peru.

In the electoral elections of 2018, Alianza Para el Progreso (APP) won five mayoralties: Hunter (Walter Aguilar); Mollebaya (Jaime Tueros); Paucarpata (Jose Knew); Pocsi (Leibniz Cornejo) and Quequeña (Laura López). While Acción Popular got the mayorships of Sachaca and Uchumayo with Emilio Díaz and Víctor Quispe, respectively, while APRA with Luis Aguirre in Miraflores.

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According to the electoral platform of the National Elections Jury (JNE), Popular Action presented 10 lists, they were for the districts and one for the Municipality of Arequipa, but none were successful, nor did they place minority aldermen.

In the case of APP, the grouping presented 20 lists for the districts of Arequipaof which one was for the provincial commune, but the panorama is the same as that of Acción Popular.

While Peru Libre presented 22 candidates, but none even came close to third place.


According to the sociologist and professor at the National University of San Agustín, Jorge Bedregal, the problem of the political parties in this recent municipal election is due to the little representation they have in the regionAdded to this are the irregular acts of its leaders such as César Acuña, Maria del Carmen Alva and President Pedro Castillo himself.

Another aspect highlighted by Bedregal is that financiers have not only sought out political groups with influence at the national level, but have focused on supporting regional movement campaigns.

  • 20 political groups presented lists, of which 6 were from political parties.
  • Regional movements such as Yo Arequipa, Arequipa Avancemos, Arequipa Tradición and Futuro, won more mayoralties.

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