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Tiríka says yes to vaccines: anti-rabies has already been ‘applied’

the sports star the rabies vaccine was symbolically appliedas a symbol that vaccines are positive to care for and strengthen everyone’s health, before a large crowd of young people.

On the occasion, the doctor Hector Castro, director of the Expanded Program on Immunizations, highlighted various aspects of how to take care of ourselves, especially children, when they have flu symptoms. He recalled that, with our hands, we touch our faces approximately 300 times a day, so he insisted that they must be clean at all times.

“We have to take care of ourselves, rest, take care of our parents, grandparents and colleagues. Vaccines prevent us from getting seriously ill“, said.

Tirika belongs to all Paraguayans. Gentleness.

On the other hand, he indicated that the percentages of the Regular Vaccination Scheme are low, and urged parents to take their children to apply the corresponding doses.

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“We ask parents to please take care of their children’s health. We have cases of measles, rubella, polio in the region. It would be unfortunate to have them here again. We have suffered the fall in coverage a little before the pandemic and, with the confinement, that has worsened. The children stopped consulting with the pediatricians and that caused the doses to be reduced in each one of them.”

He added, “we we have to continue insisting with the vaccination message, even if it is tiresome, because it is about the health of our children. Today’s party is wonderful, since the joy that children spread has no comparison, and we have to ensure that that smile does not fade, and that it develops for a much better Paraguay”.

Tiríka says yes to vaccines: anti-rabies has already been 'applied'

Héctor Castro, director of the Expanded Program on Immunizations (PAI). Photo: MSPBS.

Vaccine against COVID-19

Dr. Castro expressed that work is being done on incorporating the vaccine against COVID-19 into the 2023 winter campaign, together with influenza, in such a way that it serves as a reinforcement, with the updated composition that includes protection against influenza. Omicron variant and, in this way, work in advance with great socialization so that the winter days do not hit so hard.

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