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Police working in the presidential residence prevented a robbery

A member of the Police who is under the orders of the Presidency for the care of the presidential residence of Suarez and Reyes He wounded a criminal with a bullet when he prevented the consummation of a robbery.

The incident occurred around 6 a.m. on Tuesday. A woman was walking in the direction of her work on Millán Avenue at the height of Reyes when two criminals on a motorcycle approached her.

One of the antisocials got out of the birodado and demanded that the victim give him the backpack under the threat of possessing a firearm.

In accordance with Telemundo, the police officer was also on his way to his job at the presidential residence. The cash saw what was happening and ordered the robbers to stop.

The criminal who was on the motorcycle fled on board the motorcycle. On the other hand, the one who threatened the woman threatened to draw a gun, so the police officer shot him.

The wounded man, 41 years old and with several criminal records, was transferred to the Pasteur Hospital where he remains hospitalized.

The Scientific Police and the Zone I Investigations area are working on the case. A Glock 19 weapon was seized at the scene.

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