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Are Albuquerque and Guido leaving the PRM?

Are Albuquerque and Guido leaving the PRM?

The leaders of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Ramon Albuquerque Y Guido Gomez Mazara they made it very clear that they will not abandon that party and that they will continue “doing the battle” in the ranks of that organization.

In that sense, Albuquerque exhorted people to stop foreshadowing the division of that organization since its members know how to claim because they are democratic.

The comment made by Albuquerque comes to light after, through social networks, it was commented on a possible division within the Government party, after the convention of delegates method was chosen to elect the authorities of the PRM and not open as some Perremeist leaders requested.

The alarms of a possible division were raised even more when the information was released that Guido Gómez Mazara did not apply for his short list to compete with the current president of the PRMJosé Ignacio Paliza at the convention on May 15.

“Let no one predict division in the PRM, we know how to claim within, if the others are Democrats, we are much more so”, posted on his Twitter social network Albuquerque.

In the same way, the leader questioned his party colleagues who today hold internal positions that were won through the popular vote of the militants of the PRM.

“What attitude will the teammates take? PRM with their campaigns for internal positions won by the popular vote now excluded, and the militancy totally prevented from voting? Will they applaud their executioners or will they reject them forever? ”, She maintained.

Guido is not leaving either

Another who silenced the rumors of his departure from PRM it was Guido Gómez Mazara, who denied that he would leave that organization and, instead, reported that he was going to choose to be the presidential candidate of the ruling party in the next electoral tournament.

“Dear colleagues of the PRMlisten to him well, I am not leaving, I will continue to fight because my nature is to defend those below with integrity, it is the stage where I feel like a fish in water and I have an identity with the excluded, “he said.

Mazara stated that citizens need a person who has a greater criterion of closeness and that their actions from the public sphere or from the party are not synonymous with being mortgaged with “economic groups that aim to privatize political parties and public actions “.

This made it clear that the politics It must not be anything personal and that he and President Luis Abinader have spoken on several occasions and that they both have different ideas.

“A politician has to build his legitimacy through the vote in the first degree of the members of the party and then in Dominican society. I have no problem competing with the current president of the Republic, comrade Luis Abinader and any other comrade,” he stressed. .

He stated that after the decision of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), in which he participated as a voluntary plaintiff, the main action falls to Alberto Tavares, who, according to Gómez Mazara, will now take the case to the Constitutional Court.

He assured that despite not participating as a plaintiff, the process will continue formally against the convention of the PRM in the High Court.

He said that it is not part of his values ​​to bet on the failure of the PRMfor which he will work within the next six months in what he defined as “citizen meetings” that he will hold in the patios, alleys, municipalities and with the diaspora.

The leader of the government party explained that under the slogan “new mestas await us”, he plans to approach students, merchants and other sectors that want to be heard.

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