Police attack workers who demand their salaries for the construction of the Hospital de León

Police attack workers who demand their salaries for the construction of the Hospital de León

Daniel Ortega’s regime attacked the construction workers of the León hospital, who were protesting overdue payments and claims that have not yet been paid. Unionist Nilo Salazar denounced that Commissioner Fidel Domínguez, head of the León Departmental Police, threatened him with jail and expelled him from the city.

According to a video published on social networks, the commissioner of the department of León went to the place of the protest to threaten and prohibit the workers from returning to the place where they were demanding payment for their services. “We were at the Ministry of Labor, the workers were already arriving, suddenly we saw that we had a visit from the Police and then they came to us to evict us,” said Salazar.

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«What they told us is that we were not well seen and that those were disturbances that we were making in a residential area, and that we were creating problems in the León hospital, which is a project of the revolution and that they were not going to allow it. (Those) were the words of officer Domínguez,” said the trade unionist and former secretary of the National Confederation of Independent Workers.

Regime builds León hospital as “the largest in Central America.” Photo: Official media

The construction of the hospital is 84% ​​complete, which is expected to be ready for its inauguration in December 2022, the budget according to official information is 106 million dollars. According to the information released, this new care center will have the capacity to perform 80 surgeries per day, it will have 461 beds and 11 operating rooms for a capacity of 800,000 patients.

Salazar denounces that the workers who demanded payment for their services were treated as “coup plotters” by the police officers who, using force, made them back down, “they said that if we continued to demand payment like that, they would throw us in jail.”

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The trade unionist was also threatened with jail. “They told me with arrogance that they were going to put me in jail and since I wanted to go to the Chinandega side, the commissioner, with the police, did not let me go to the Chinandega area and told me that he did not want me to enter León because he did not want that would cause any problem, “he said.

Nilo Salazar was one of the first to denounce the 7% increase for the construction sector at the beginning of the year, classifying it as an agreement that violated Law 625 “Minimum Wage Law”, as he stated that it was only a “agreement of related to the government. On that occasion he urged the workers to fight for their rights and “raise their heads high”, now he fears for what may happen to his physical integrity.

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