Deputies exclude clubs and tobacco companies from controls

The Chamber of Deputies, thanks to a Chartist majority with its allies, sent to the archive the project that sought to include clubs and tobacco companies among the Obliged Subjects (SO) of money laundering controls. The initiative sought to investigate entities linked to Cartes.

The Chamber of Deputies sent to the archives the bill that modifies articles 13, 25 and 28 of Law 1,015/97, “What prevents and represses illicit acts aimed at the legitimization of money or goods, modified by Law 3783/ 09 and law 6797/21”.

With 35 votes for rejection and 29 votes for approval, the Lower House rejected the initiative.

Edgar Acosta, promoter deputy, expressed in a press conference that many pro-government and opposition members voted for the rejection of his project.

“It’s a shame because what we want is transparency. If everything is fine, and if they say that everything is transparent, I don’t understand why they care, “she questioned.

He argued that the Colorados defend businesses and only vote against them to take advantage of the internal elections of the ANR.

“Today more than ever it was verified. This project affected the business. We had 44 votes and 15 came out before the session. They are from the ruling party and the opposition, I am going to divulge the list. I am not going to explain why they are absent, ”she commented.

The project goes to the archive and cannot be processed until June 2023.

In August 2021, Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, promulgated the law that prevents and represses illicit acts aimed at legitimizing money or goods and its amending law 3783/2009.

However, the clubs and the tobacco companies were excluded among the obligated subjects. Chartist deputies and some liberals voted for the exclusion. It should be remembered that Horacio Cartes is the owner of the tobacco company Tabesa and is the former president of the Libertad club.

After the latest complaints against Cartes, Edgar Acosta, promoter of the document approved with modifications last year, resubmitted it with the aim of now including clubs and tobacco companies. However, again a Chartist majority with his allies prevented it.

It should be remembered that the former president was denounced by the Ministry of the Interior and by the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money Laundering (Seprelad) for alleged links to organized crime, by selling contraband cigarettes and laundering his assets using his bank (Basa) as well as than the Liberty club.

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