PLD advierte RD podría perder «credibilidad en mercados internacionales»

PLD warns RD could lose “credibility in international markets”

The holder of the Secretariat of Economic Affairs of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Guarocuya Félix, today assured that the government of Luis Abinader You must explain what your actions will be in the absence of an active policy to generate internal income, to prevent the Dominican Republic loses credibility in international markets.

Guarocuya, stated that the PLD does not want a unilateral explanation from the government, but rather an explanation to the entire Dominican society and to the markets, which are very attentive to their actions carried out by a government, because in the absence of a reform and an active policy since From the point of view of internal income, they must know what will be the policies of indebtedness, expenses, investment and financing of the budget.

In a press release, Félix, pointed out that market risk analysts are always observing what happens in the economy of the countries, so an explanation is always necessary to be able to maintain credibility in international markets when it comes out. to issue debts.

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“Carrying out a fiscal or tax reform establishes a course of action, from the point of view of the sustainability of the debt service and of the other commitments we have, such as social investment. Now the government has to say what its course of action will be in the absence of a tax reform or tax reform; and that is a pending point, ”said the PLD economist in statements reviewed by the PLD’s Communications Secretariat.

He said he does not know if the government will propose its strategy in the framework of discussions in Congress regarding the general state budget for next year.

He recalled that the PLD established its position on the tax reform, noting that this is not the best time to submit it, but that it is evident that it is an issue that will gravitate to the next fiscal year.

When questioned in the Morning 5 program about the projection of growth of the country’s economy that the government has, the PLD leader expressed that the projection that the government makes on the reduction of the fiscal deficit is due to the low execution in public investment .

“What the economy minister, Professor Ceara Hatton, has said has another side, in the sense of saying we are going to close with a lower deficit, it is because practically 50% of public investment was executed, so that is why you have less deficit and if you spend less, you are going to generate a kind of forced savings, “he added.

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He indicated that it is healthy for no economy to correct or reduce the speed of the deficit by penalizing public investment and that what it represents is an inability of the administration itself to have adequately executed what it had already budgeted and financed for this year.

He explained that this generates a lag effect for next year in relation to investment in infrastructure itself, which is what boosts the economy, both in private and public investment.

Guarocuya Félix considered that in the midst of a pandemic the government should not have reduced spending on public investment, but should have done the opposite, since the countries that have had better economic performance have not done so by reducing expenses in that direction.

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