Senate approved the extension to the state of emergency in the southern macrozone

Senate approved the extension to the state of emergency in the southern macrozone

After overcoming the barrier of the Chamber of Deputies with opposition votes, the Senate approved during the afternoon of this Tuesday the extension of the state of exception in four provinces of the southern macrozone, with 21 votes in favor, 17 against and two abstentions.

With this, the state of exception will be extended for another 15 days from Thursday, November 11, in the provinces of Arauco and Biobío, in the Biobío region, and Cautín and Malleco in La Araucanía.

As in the Chamber, the entire ruling party voted in favor in the Senate, and two opposition parliamentarians joined: Carolina Goic and Jorge Pizarro, both from the Christian Democrats (DC).

It should be remembered that the first declaration entered into force on October 12, by decree for 15 days and was extended by the same means and term, on October 26.


One of the senators who intervened was the UDI Iván Moreira, who pointed out that “in the so-called southern macrozone zone, there is a gray area where the State does what it can and not what it should, since the 1990s. territorial claims with high-caliber crime have generated a breeding ground that only benefits those who do not believe in the rule of law and who promote heavily armed paramilitary groups. “

Meanwhile, Francisco Chahuán (RN) said that “we met with national and regional authorities and filed criminal complaints in the case of the death of Hernán Allende and the serious situation of Delia Flores. More than 18 schools and gardens burned, 660 children without the possibility of accessing education “.

For the opposition, Senator Juan Ignacio Latorre (RD) stated that “we have a unique opportunity with the Constitutional Convention to understand that the Mapuche are not enemies of Chile. Militarization does not guarantee that human rights violations will not be repeated. Armed Forces are made for war and this is resolved through dialogue. “

In addition, Jaime Quintana said that “the Government is the one that says that the Mapuches are terrorists and drug traffickers. The survey that we mentioned was designed in La Moneda, not in the Regional Government. This extension is for 15 days, and 30 have already passed. days and the presence of the military has not been found to contain the violence. “

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