Fuerza del Pueblo realiza jornada de afiliación en SDE

People’s Force holds membership day in SDE

This Sunday the registration of new members of the People’s Force Party (FP) in the different sectors of the municipality of Santo Domingo Este, in the province of Santo Domingo.

The activity, which was very well received by the townspeople of that district, was carried out within the framework of the National Day of Affiliation of the VETcoincided with the celebration of the third anniversary of the founding of that political organization.

The Boschist day of affiliation was coordinated by the Direction of the District One of the FP in Santo Domingo Este, chaired by Luis Hernández, and supervised by Nathanael Concepción, member of the Political Direction and Party liaison with that demarcation.

In addition, Ignacio Pérez, Belkis Ramírez, the former deputy, Sonya Abreu, Ramón Ramírez, Víctor Fernández, Luis Palmero, Anibelka Rodríguez, Ramón Pérez Martínez, Eusebio Ulloa, Norinda Castillo, Heriberto Paulino and Gilberto Reyes took an active part in the bochista day. , among other leaders of the Central and Executive Directorate of the FP in District One of Santo Domingo Este.

The work teams participating in the Boschista Affiliation Day left at 9; 00 AM from the Villa Faro park and toured the different sectors that comprise District One of the Santo Domingo Este municipality.

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The great reception of the citizens who opened the doors of their homes and talked with the members of the People’s Force who made up the work teams during the registration was notorious.

The affiliation day, which was held at the national level, is part of the work to formalize the People’s Force register, scheduled to be ready at the beginning of 2023, with a membership of more than one and a half million members.

Highlighting the importance of the affiliation day, the FP’s liaison with Santo Domingo Este and a member of the Political Directorate, Nathanael Concepción expressed that work and unity are the key to the victory of the party and its leader, Dr. Leonel Fernández, in the 2024 elections.

Meanwhile, the president of Circumscription One, Luis Hernández, highlighted that the success of the affiliation day for new members on Sunday in different sectors of Santo Domingo Este, as is the case throughout the national geography, shows the great reception of the Fuerza del People in the population and the clear majority interest of the people in bringing former President Leonel Fernández back to power in the upcoming elections.

Hernández stressed that the entire central executive leadership of District One feels highly pleased, rejoiced, by the massive participation in the successful Boschist affiliation day held this Sunday in East Santo Domingo.

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