Código Penal establecería hasta 60 años a homicida

Penal Code would establish up to 60 years to homicide

The president of the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Alexis Jimenez, stated that cases such as the alleged murderer of four members of a family in the municipality of The Alcarrizosrequire criminal legislation that prevents the person responsible for the act from being released again.

The accumulation of sentences, with up to 60 years in prison, establishes the new project of Penal Code.

Sentence of 30 to 40 years in prison and with a fine of 50 to 1,000 minimum wages in the public sector, would establish the Criminal Code for femicide, according to the bill for the reform of the regulations.

“We need a Penal Code that never allows freedom for something like this, because whoever commits an atrocious act of this nature cannot be considered a person,” said the legislator from Santo Domingo Este, commenting on the horrendous crime committed by Mr. agent of the General Directorate of Terrestrial Traffic (Digesett), Esteban Javier Cora, when he killed his ex-wife and mother of his two children, Pamela de la Cruz, 24, last Saturday night; to the ex-sister-in-law and sister of the victim, Iloriana de la Cruz, 18 years old; and their mother, Marianelis del Rosario, together with Liren Méndez Báez, identified as the man who was chasing him, trying to stop him from taking the woman’s two children.

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The tragedy took place in the The Coquitoswhere residents indicated that the accused would have been under the influence of alcohol.

The Penal Code which has been reintroduced several times in the legislative chambers, classifies femicide as “an attack against life, which causes the death of a woman because of her gender, regardless of her age, relationship with her partner, regardless of the place where it occurs , with a penalty of 30 to 40 years in prison.

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